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The public service is well structure and driven by rules and procedures. Since the service and the environment are dynamic there is always the need to update knowledge of the essence of the services understanding the rules to support realistic interpretations that would make the services supportive of the general public and businesses.
We continue to identify areas require such attention and develop programs to meet such needs.
Strategic planning to support service delivery
Public sector procurement management and political influence
Managing successful project implementation in public sector
New perspectives in waste management in urban cities
Asset managment in the public services- best practices
Effective fleet operations in the public service
Fundamentals of public accounting –understanding the government funding accounting
Applying process mapping to improve service delivery
Managing employee worklife
Managment skills for new and prospective managers (levels 10 & above)
Building a balance life- financial planning for retirement
Conductive effective performance evaluation
Ethics in public service and preventing harrassment
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