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Below are the lists of our registered partners :
Abbeytol Tax, Accounting & Financial Services
To ensure availability and access to key skills and competencies, tbs consulting has developed a model which allows for partnership to bring the skills and competencies in the required quantum.   • Corporate Partners
• JV- Partners
• Others
This option allows a professional with desired skills team up with tbs and manage a practice where he or she serves as the Principal Partner in charge. The principal will be responsible for business development, project/assignment execution and related expenses. The principal would be compensated by having 60% of net income accrued from any assignment sourced and executed or through direct income on charge out rate assignments not through him / her but executed by the firm leveraging on his/her competencies, plus 20% profit therein.
Conditions: Prospective partners must have independent business initiatives and marketing drive.
This is an option for a near independent relationship with only a temporary union to execute an assignment or project pooling competencies together on need basis. We could source the projects on a joint platform or the JV partner could bring a project only requiring our competencies and brand equity. Compensation would be agreed depending on the nature or type of project. The project initiator gets 20% of the profit before any sharing formula is applied.
Other partnership options are available and would be mutually agreed on (MOU). We could be invited to help solve particular problems in any on-going project where we have specialised skills, or a part of an assignment could be outsourced to tbs.
• It is better to have 10% of something than 100% of nothing. We are professionals striving for excellence all the time.
• Our partners must be better than us in their chosen area such that we can learn and benefit from one another to deliver exciting quality services.
For further enquiries contact Leke on 0803 4020 509
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