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Executive Program: Advance Leadership Program (September 19-22, 2016) – Request for Nomination

The program is designed to enable participants acquire the skills to build the team that will be able to align their Organization’s culture with their roles in corporate decisions and survive the drastically changing economic atmosphere in the country. This is the LEGACY to build for your organization.

“The Leadership that focuses on the future” -This…Continue Reading

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Helicopter Parenting

Parents have very crucial roles in the upbringing of their children. In most marriages, the parenting lives could be so demanding and often requiring one of the parents to leave jobs temporarily. Helicopter parents, although they…Continue Reading

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WORK not as WORK!


We all have different definitions or perspective to work. Some see work as a task or combination of tasks. There are those who understand work as a means of achieving an objective or a purpose. This has led to the…Continue Reading

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Presidential globetrotting – What does it mean? Should we accept that globetrotting is part of presidential responsibility?

This picture of President Muhammed Buhari’s 2003 campaign poster was making the rounds some weeks back and has generated a lot of comments among…Continue Reading

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MSE – HR Dialogue

Once again in our quest to improve corporate performance leveraging on managerial capacity building especially at the senior levels, we have started an HR dialogue session once in every quarter. The all important role of HR especially in the resourcing of organisations informed our decision to hold HR dialogue where we can discuss people and…Continue Reading

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